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Lasik Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery in 2018

The phrase ‘Lasik’ hails from the laser-assisted Keratomileusis, ” Keratomileusis function as the operative addition of the refractive condition of their attention. Lasik eye operation, commonly known as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, which is a medical treatment… Read More »Lasik Eye Surgery in 2018

Top LASIK Doctor

  TRUSTED LASIK SURGEON   The Khanna Institute of Lasik has strived to be one of the leaders in vision correction. Our facilities include the latest and most updated top of the line technology for vision correction. We use the… Read More »Top LASIK Doctor

Make Up after LASIK

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A question which is very important to the celebrities coming to our Beverly Hills LASIK center: How soon after surgery can I wear make up? A lot of  people may not understand why the answer is so important to the… Read More »Make Up after LASIK