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Eye Problems and Diseases

Ocular rosacea

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Ocular Rosacea Rosace is disease of unknown origin. Rosacea mainly afflicts the skin. There are 4 types of skin rosacea and one variant. The lid is an extension of the skin. Therefore rosacea can spread to the lid margin causing… Read More »Ocular rosacea

Fear of Lasik?

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Addressing the Fears and Concerns of Lasik Surgery: We here at the Khanna Institute of Lasik understand that you may have many fears and concerns about getting a Lasik Surgery. If you are holding back from achieving better vision or… Read More »Fear of Lasik?

Top LASIK Doctor

  TRUSTED LASIK SURGEON   The Khanna Institute of Lasik has strived to be one of the leaders in vision correction. Our facilities include the latest and most updated top of the line technology for vision correction. We use the… Read More »Top LASIK Doctor