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Lasik Eye Surgery in 2018

The phrase ‘Lasik’ hails from the laser-assisted Keratomileusis, ” Keratomileusis function as the operative addition of the refractive condition of their attention. Lasik eye operation, commonly known as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, which is a medical treatment… Read More »Lasik Eye Surgery in 2018

Alice in Big Bang Land

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Do you recognize our Beverly hills lasik eye doctor? Do you know who is the great looking girl next to him? Ever watched Big bang theory. Guys, not the one hosted by Morgan.zz….zzzzzzzzzzzz. I speak of the hilarious comedy on cbs which stars Kunnal… Read More »Alice in Big Bang Land

Emmy LASIK eye doctor

For once we are speechless! Lasik eye doctor from beverly hills holding an emmy. We are dying to get the whole scoop. Can we know why this laser vision correction expert has been handed this trophy? Has Hollywood bestowed their… Read More »Emmy LASIK eye doctor