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Are You thinking about having Lasik?

Meet the Man with the Vision…  Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D.

The Khanna Vision Institute of LASIK in Beverly Hills, CA.  Provides cutting edge  technology for the latest in vision care solutions

by:  Suzanne Takowsky / Beverly Hills Times Magazine

Delivering the ultimate in eye care alternatives

Rajesh Khanna, M.D. pictured a place where individuals would have the ability to go for more than simply world-class eye attention. He wanted that patients might feel comfortable, and feel assured since they obtained state of the art laser vision therapy, tailored for their unique needs. Patient care has always been the key goal, using a sincere emphasis put on compassion and the dignity of every customer.

The Khanna Institute was conceived with the fundamental doctrine of “First do no harm”. Our purpose is to use the most innovative methods to raise the efficacy and safety of vision corrective processes. We just utilize FDA-approved strategies and gear, and also our Los Angeles team receives continuing education to keep on top of the area of eye care. Therefore many happy patients viewing much better in Los Angeles feature their greater vision to Khanna Institute of LASIK.

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